Equine ocular lavage systems

This is a guide to the placement of sub-palpebral lavage systems in horses and donkeys, which can greatly enhance the success of medical therapy of a wide variety of ocular conditions.

Breed predisposition to eye diseases

Conditions listed here are conditions which are found with higher frequency within the breed. Some of the conditions are inherited, and therefore have implications for breeding, but others are not inherited, yet found more commonly in the breed. The breeds listed are the ten breeds with the most number of purebred dogs registered with the Irish Kennel Club.

Ophthalmic reference values

Ophthalmic reference ranges are provided.

Distinguishing acute uveitis and glaucoma

These two serious ocular conditions can be difficult to diagnose as they can appear somewhat clinically similar - very red sore eyes. This is a guide to help distinguish between the two conditions, which is very important as the treatment is so different. Photographs are included.

Examination of the eye

This pdf article reviews basic anatomy and ocular terminology. It then describes the ocular examination with photographs of techniques and instruments needed. There is a list of recommended text books, and a guide for when to refer.

Optimmune alternatives

This information leaflet is designed to help vets to make a choice about what medications to use as an alternative to Optimmune, until it is available again.

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