BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Testing

Diagnostic procedures, using specialised equipment

  • Tonometry - for glaucoma diagnosis
  • Gonioscopy - diagnosis of an inherited eye problem
  • Slit-lamp biomicroscopy - detailed eye examination
  • Blood pressure assessment
  • Ultrasound examination of the eye
  • Electroretinography


  • Operating microscope - for performing delicate eye surgery
  • Cataract extraction using phacoemulsification
  • Eyelid reconstruction surgery
  • Cherry eye surgery
  • Corneal grafting procedures
  • Electrolysis for permanent removal of distichia (extra eyelashes)
  • Parotid duct transposition surgery
  • Cosmetic alternative to eye removal, where appropriate

Consultation clinics in other practices:

Consultation clinics are run in Cork and in Galway by appointment for small animal ophthalmology referrals. These are regularly available at the following practices:

Horse appointments are no longer available.

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