Exciting new feline ophthalmology textbook

Natasha Mitchell and James Oliver have written Feline Ophthalmology – The Manual. It is a semi-atlas style text encompassing all areas of clinical feline ophthalmology. The manual is intended to provide a detailed outline of feline ophthalmology for veterinary students, practitioners with an interest in feline ophthalmology and those undertaking more specialist training in veterinary ophthalmology.

It is available on The Book Depository https://www.bookdepository.com/Feline-ophthalmology–The-manual/9788416315116

and Grupo Asis http://store.grupoasis.com/en/ophthalmology/276-feline-ophthalmology-the-manual.html

Feline Ophthalmology - The Manual

Feline Ophthalmology – The Manual