Feline ophthalmology app

I have written a new app called FelineOphtho. It is available through iTunes. A video of it working is available on YouTube.

Feline ophthalmology is an essential reference tool for small animal veterinarians and students alike. The App contains over 190 first class, labelled examples of feline eye disease. All of the pictures are on the phone or iPad and no internet connection is required after the first use.
Developed by Natasha Mitchell MVB DVOphthal MRCVS this App is more than an atlas of eye disease.
Extensive notes are also included covering;
• Overview of each disease
• Clinical signs
• Diagnosis
• Treatment
A complete guide to examination of the feline eye is included in the App. The blind eye, cloudy eye and red eye are also discussed along with useful tips on how to make a diagnosis on these difficult cases. The App is organised so that if you can at least identify the structure in the eye involved, you will receive a list of potential differential diagnosis for pathology in that area. The extensive illustrations will greatly help to enhance your ability to recognise specific conditions.