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Eye Vet does not accept patients unless they have been referred by your own veterinary surgeon, and therefore will not be able to undertake work or discuss cases with animal owners without a referral from your own vet. We will be more than happy to receive general enquiries about our services from anybody, please use this contact form. The only exception is BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Testing in breeding dogs, which does not require a referral from your vet.

Frequently asked questions

Why has my pet been referred?

When an animal has a problem which is outside the area of expertise of your regular veterinary surgeon, it is in the animals best interest to be referred to attend a vet with more appropriate or advanced clinical experience and expertise in a specific area. Eye referrals are made when conditions are potentially serious, persistent, painful or vision-threatening.

Why does my pet need to be referred to be seen?

Animals are only seen when referred by your veterinary surgeon. This is for the benefit of the patient as all relevant information about the overall health of the animal can be discussed, and a referral report will be sent back to your veterinary surgeon to ensure that your pets medical history file is complete.

If you are very worried about your animal's eye, you can ask your vet to refer you. Your vet will write a letter, fill out a referral form or phone Natasha to discuss the case. Natasha will work alongside your vet to treat your pet so that everybody will benefit, especially the patient!

How do I arrange an appointment?

Consultations are all by appointment only. If your vet has referred you, you can phone Crescent Veterinary Clinic directly yourself to arrange an appointment.

What should I do before my appointment?

  • Please phone to arrange an appointment.
  • Bring a referral letter with you if your vet gives you one, but he/she may have sent it independently or telephoned directly. You may also need to bring relevant blood tests results, xrays etc. Any medications which your pet is taking should also be brought along.
  • Please administer eye drops as normal before the appointment unless you have been otherwise instructed.
  • Do not feed your pet from 10pm the night before the consultation in case a procedure needs to be done. However, do ensure that they have access to drinking water.
  • If your pet is diabetic, please do not fast them but phone for advice.
  • Consultations are usually 30 minutes long, however please allow for an hour in case the pupils need to be dilated.
  • Dogs should attend on a lead for their own safety and those around them. Cats and other small pets should be in a secure basket.

What are the opening hours?

Hours vary but in Limerick they generally are 8am - 6pm on Monday and  Wednesday, and 8am-5pm on Friday at Crescent Veterinary Clinic, Dooradoyle Road, Co Limerick

Emergency consultations can be arranged by contacting Crescent Veterinary Clinic and advice is available 24 hours a day.

Horses, donkeys, farm and zoo animals can also be referred for eye examination, and these are usually seen on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please contact Natasha through Crescent Veterinary Clinic or use the contact form if you need to arrange an appointment.

What happens if my pet needs hospitalisation or surgery?

Crescent Veterinary Clinic has excellent hospital facilities. There is a separate cat ward to minimise feline stress, and a dog ward with large walk-in kennels if needed. There is an isolation ward should your pet not be vaccinated or be suffering from an infectious disease. There is also a day ward for intensive monitoring in the immediate post-operative period.

Surgery can be arranged on the same day of initial referral to the best of our abilities, however this cannot be guaranteed.

What happens if my pet needs other treatment?

Natasha works exclusively with eyes. If other procedures are needed which are not related to the eye problem, she will refer you back to your own vet to have these done.

What happens if my pet is insured?

If your animal is insured, it is best to check with your insurance company that the policy is current and that the condition will be covered. Please bring your policy number with you so that a claim form may be filled out and sent as soon as possible so that the company can re-imburse you directly. We regret that we cannot process direct claims with the insurance company.

How much will referral cost?

As your pet requires an extra-long consultation using specialised equipment and ocular tests, the cost of the consultation is greater than at your own vets. Each patient requires different tests, medications and procedures, and therefore it is not possible to estimate an exact cost beforehand. You will be told the cost of the initial consultation when you book, and any further costs will be discussed at your initial consultation. An estimate will be given but it is not always possible to determine the true extent of the patient's needs straight away. It is our policy to contact you as soon as possible if the costs are going to exceed the estimate given.

How can I pay?

Full payment is required at the end of consultation or at the time of discharge. Payment may be in the form of cash, personal cheques, and Laser or credit cards including Visa and Mastercard.

If you cannot collect your pet during business hours, the pet will be hospitalised and you will be charged an additional hospitalisation fee.

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