Exciting new feline ophthalmology textbook

8 Apr

Natasha Mitchell and James Oliver have written Feline Ophthalmology – The Manual. It is a semi-atlas style text encompassing all areas of clinical feline ophthalmology. The manual is intended to provide a detailed outline of feline ophthalmology for veterinary students, practitioners with an interest in feline ophthalmology and those undertaking more specialist training in veterinary ophthalmology.

It is available on The Book Depository https://www.bookdepository.com/Feline-ophthalmology–The-manual/9788416315116

and Grupo Asis http://store.grupoasis.com/en/ophthalmology/276-feline-ophthalmology-the-manual.html

Feline Ophthalmology - The Manual

Feline Ophthalmology – The Manual


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A new useful textbook: BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Ophthalmology, 3rd Edition

15 Feb

The newly revised BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Ophthalmology has just been published. It is a useful and up to date practical guide to common canine and feline ophthalmic conditions. It would be a valuable addition to any general practice as an practical manual, and would also be useful for those wishing to learn more about the field of veterinary ophthalmology. Natasha Mitchell is one of the contributing authors.

Eye testing

12 Feb

Natasha is an appointed panelist for eye testing under the BVA/KC/ISDS Canine Health Schemes.

The main purpose of the scheme is to ensure that there is no evidence of hereditary eye disease in dogs used for breeding. Litters under the age of 12 weeks can be tested for congenital hereditary ocular diseases. Some breeds may have an additional eye test called gonioscopy, to test for their susceptibility for glaucoma.

Usually drops are applied to the eyes to dilate the pupil, so please arrive 20 minutes early for the appointment to allow for this. It is essential that the dog is microchipped, and that the original Kennel Club registration document and most recent eye tests are produced at the time. Failure to provide the paperwork will result in the test going ahead, but the paperwork will be withheld until the required documentation is forwarded.

Appointments are available in Limerick, and also once monthly in Cork and in Galway, and these appointments should be booked directly with the clinic.

Feline book: The BSAVA Manual of Feline Practice: A Foundation Manual

6 Jan

The BSAVA Manual of Feline Practice: A Foundation Manual has been published. It is a very visual manual covering all aspects of feline veterinary care, with contributors from all over the globe. Natasha contributed the ophthalmology content.

New look to the website

6 Jan

Today we have given a fresh new look to the website. We hope that you like it and find it easy to navigate. If you have suggestions for content that you would find useful, please let me know on the contact form. Thank you.

Talk in Sligo

13 Sep

Natasha will give a talk to North Connaught Clinical Society on Thursday 28th March 2013 with the title:

“Common eye conditions and some useful tips for the mixed practitioner”

Irish Equine Veterinary Conference 2012

13 Sep

The IEVC takes place in Galway on 8th-10th November 2012. Natasha is giving two presentations:

Equine fundus examination

How to: Place an equine ocular lavage catheter

She will also participate in a round-table discussion with colleagues.

More information is available by clicking here.

AVSPNI Conference 2012

13 Sep

The annual AVSPNI conference is taking place on October 12-14th in Limavady. Natasha is giving four ophthalmology presentations:

‘Farm animal ophthalmology – to enucleate or not to enucleate?’

‘Light up your life: Getting the most out of your ophthalmoscope’

‘Common ophthalmic conditions in dogs and cats’

‘Ocular therapeutics, stocking the pharmacy’

More information is available by clicking here.

Talk in Galway

13 Sep

A talk is being given to the Galway Veterinary Clinical Society on September 27th, entitled ‘Common ocular emergencies in small animals and horses’. Members of the clinical society can attend, and new members are always welcome.

Small animal talk in Arklow, Wicklow

13 Sep

A wetlab is being given on 20th September, titled ‘Getting to grips with the eye exam – a practical approach for the busy vet’. It is sponsored by MSD and is in conjunction with Skillnet.

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